Uganda Microfinance

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Anders is from Denmark. We asked him to write about his microfinance program in Uganda. Here's what he said:

anders 1It is going really really great. Uganda is a gorgeous country, and the people are so nice! I have mainly done research for the Malongo Integrated SACCO Society Ltd., in order for it to achieve sustainability. The research has primarily been focused on microfinance, SACCOs and sustainability in these contexts in general, and what works well, and what doesn't, and I have found loads of precious material, which I usually facilitate debates and discussions about, with the manager, and sometimes with the board as well, so we can plan for future changes in the SACCO and its operations. So far the main priority has been about implementing computerisation (which we hope will be doable during November) for several near future digital implementations, to make everything to do with administration easier and more effective, to be able to help the community more efficiently, and to broaden our impact and amount of clients in the local community.

Second priority is trying to get financial support from investors/donors/funders, towards which we are slowly but steadily making progress. Furthermore the research has also slightly touched upon the morals of microfinance, and helping alleviate global poverty, and the second is basically the reason why I wanted to do this internship in the first place. Besides this, me and the loan officer do field trips now and then, both to get loan repayments, to communicate with the community, and to do outreach and sensitisation, which is usually a nice and refreshing way to get off the computer once in a while. I guess I could actually go on for pages about the work, but I think this should do...

Other than that, I usually spend the weekends travelling around, and so far I have been to Jinja a couple of times, Kampala, Masaka and Queen Elizabeth National Park, and I have absolutely enjoyed it to the extreme. This is definitely not my last time in Uganda.

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